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Relocation Made Easy trusted to help families relocate from the United Kingdom to the United States

Simplifying a complicated relocation process is our primary goal. Moving from the UK to Florida is a complicated undertaking, filled with visa and regulatory requirements, financial implications, and the physical move.

There are countless lawyers, consultants, and brokers willing to help you with any one aspect of your situation, but no other company compiles everything about a successful relocation from Great Britain to Florida and puts it under one roof. Relocation Made Easy (RME) is a company with nearly 100 years of combined experience securing visas, selling and buying businesses, buying and selling real estate, financial guidance, and accounting. We make it a priority to work with our clients throughout the process, a true one-stop-shop for moving from the UK to Florida, complete with comprehensive experience with people just like you, who are looking for an opportunity to purchase a business and move to Florida. Your success is our success.

Our team has been helping families for nearly 30 years. With our team located both in England and Orlando, Florida, we are poised to help you from start to finish, like no other relocation assistance company. We are a family-owned business, helping families, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Helping Families Buy Businesses, Secure Visas, and Move to Florida, USA, Successfully.

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Real People Helping Real People Relocate

We believe in simplifying the relocation process for families looking to move from the UK to Florida. By specializing in being with you from start to finish, we pride ourselves on our customer service, first and foremost. We will be with you during the search for a business through the purchase, securing your visa, moving to the States, as well as settling here, and staying here. Every step of the way, we are with you, because we are passionate about the people we work for.

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Finding A Business For Sale
Finding A Business For Sale
We've been helping people relocate to Florida for decades, always starting with finding a best-fit business for each situation. From establishing your unique criteria, to finalizing the search and closing the deal, we are right by your side.
Getting Your Visa
Getting Your Visa
We believe the E-2 Visa is a faster and relatively less expensive way to live and work in Florida as compared to other alternatives. The basic idea behind the E-2 Visa is to invest in, direct, and develop an active trade or business in the US.
Making the Move to Florida
Making the Move to Florida
Relocating from the UK to Florida does not have to be as stressful as it seems. With our team of experiences relocation experts at your service, you'll have a dedicated resource available throughout the experience. Welcome to the USA!
Settling in Sunny Florida
Settling in Sunny Florida
Our work is not complete once you arrive in Florida! What sets us apart from other companies is our comprehensive approach to the journey. We'll be right here, ready to help you settle in to your new Floridian lifestyle.
Staying in Florida Successfully
Staying in Florida Successfully
This is where our financial prowess and accounting expertise shines brightest. Once you're here, settled in, and thriving as a business owner, we help with your taxes, finances, and anything else you need to stay in Florida for as long as you like.
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A company that has been in business for over 30 years with over 100 combined years of experience in Relocation and Business Development.

Brian R. Govoni managing broker, license florida business broker, licensed florida realtor, accountant, visa and relocation expert

Brian R. Govoni

Managing Broker, License Florida Business Broker, Licensed Florida Realtor, Accountant, Visa and Relocation Expert

Linda D. Govoni licensed florida business broker, licensed florida real estate sales associate, and E-2 visa specialist

Linda D. Govoni

Licensed Florida Business Broker, Licensed Florida Real Estate Sales Associate, and E-2 Visa Specialist


Jerry C. Baier

Licensed Florida Business Broker, Licensed Florida Realtor, and E-2 Visa Specialist

Julia Pritchett relocation specialist and UK representative

Julia Pritchett

Relocation Specialist and UK Representative

Ian Pritchett relocation specialist and UK representative

Ian Pritchett

Relocation Specialist
and uk Representative

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